Art hardware

We produce all types and dimensions of street forged fences, balconies, handrails and protective window grates.

We are able to offer more than 40 models of street forged fences, balconies and 15 models of protective grates . When making our fence we are guided by the idea that the task of wrought iron fences that inhaled finishing touch to each home and garden.

The modern design of our fence gives each Fund to the garden, the harmony between the present and the past, simplicity and complexity. We also believe that wrought fence must have a simple and streamlined design, modern design but again with the spirit of the past, the spirit of the Baroque.

All models fences are protected from corrosion using hot-dip galvanizing and painting, the combination of these two methods provides protection that lasts for more than 30 years. After painting the fence is patinated according to customer (copper, silver, gold).

We offer the possibility of mounting the engine to automatically open the door MARANTEC, LIFTMASTER, NICE, renowned European manufacturers of automatic doors.

Some of the models of the fence you can see on our website, and on Facebook profile (machine-Metal Hrustek) or catalog a complete range of fencing.

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