Metal constructions

Design and installation of metal structures is an important segment of our business. We are able to offer the production and instaling of metal constructions according to your documentation or a complete solution.
From our offer single out making:

  • Halls – production and installing (placing)  of complete construkcions, panels covering or tin covering in different colours and thickness, window production and polikarbonte incorporation, entrance hall doors with or withhout automatic opening, thinsmith works.
  • Roof constructions -production and installing (placing)  of complete roof structure, covering with panels or sheet metal color and thickness of your choice, plumbing works.
  • Carport – covered bench and cover with sheet metal or polycarbonate, metal works.
  • Warehouses – fabrication and assembly of the entire structure, completely covering with panels or sheet metal thickness and color of your choice, fabrication and installation of polycarbonate windows, entrance doors with or without automation opening, equipment storage, plumbing works.
  • Prefabricated garage – fabrication and assembly of the entire structure of the garage, completely covered with panels of 4 cm, the installation of sectional doors, access doors, windows (PVC), accessories, plumbing works.
  • Weekend homes – a complete fabrication and assembly houses.


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